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For the remainder of this document, the terms "us", "our" and "we" have been used to refer to Gift4u Shop, its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries. The term "website" herein is used in lieu of the site


Unless we specify otherwise expressly or you find it written on our website, it is a given that every type of media used on the site that you hear, see, read or are offered, receive from or through the website or from us (collectively termed here as "Contents") is copyrighted, trademarked or trade dressed or licensed by us. In other words, all intellectual property on the web pages and the website and in all forms of communication you receive from us is either owned wholly or in part by us or is licensed by us.

This refers, but is not limited, to illustrations, images, icons, graphics, designs, trademarks, pictures, photographs, software, music, text, sounds, logos and other intellectual media on the website as well as the whole website and materials that you may receive from the website and from us.

With the exception of intellectual content or property that is licensed or owned by a third party, which may be included on our website, you are permitted to download all other Contents for personal, non-commercial use. However, this right is being offered to you under the condition that after downloading and during usage, all proprietary designations, notices as well as copyrights that belong to us or represent us are retained in their entirety.

The users, meaning you and any individual using or browsing this website, is not permitted to use the Contents in any way besides what has been specified in this document. You cannot use the website or the content on it in any other form or way apart from what has been expressly clarified and stated in the terms of use, unless you receive written consent from us prior to the use of such contents.

No clause or part of these document or terms transfers in part or in whole the ownership, title, right or license of any Content or intellectual property that belongs to us or is licensed by us or is owned or licensed by a third party to you. You are strictly prohibited from downloading, using or exporting the technical material and software from this website to a geographical location or jurisdiction that violates the United States export laws.

We do not own nor do we provide the software or technology used/accessed to build this website and hence, we do not recommend these technologies nor do we endorse them in any way or sense. Hence, if you seek information on such technologies, including those that are identifiable, such as details on their applications, capabilities and limitations, you should get in touch directly with the manufacturers of such technologies.

We also hereby declare that we have no claim whatsoever on the trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, copyrights and intellectual and patented material of any third party.


Gift4u Shop is the sole owner or licensee of all the materials, the rights and the copyrights to such materials on the website. As such, Gift4u Shop does not allow you to publish or use any material on the website or received from us commercially or for profit, unless we have given you the express permission or authority to do so.


Check the privacy policy to find details relating to website use and access and the use of the information that you may offer incidentally or directly while using the website. As far as the information supplied/submitted by the user is concerned, Gift4u Shop clarifies that we have not demanded to receive nor do we want to get information that is deemed or considered personal, private, proprietary or confidential in any sense from the users by way of submission to the website or any other form or way.

This is subject to change only if you enter into an agreement in writing with Gift4u Shop that pertains to the sharing and exchange of such information or any kind of information. The information offered to Gift4u Shop and that the company receives from the users through the website, other than information used to establish personal identity which is dealt with and discussed and is in conformance of the company's and site's Privacy Policy, will be considered NON-CONFIDENTIAL.

When you transmit such information/data to Gift4u Shop through the use of the website or in any other way/form, without entering into an agreement with Gift4u Shop pertaining to such submissions, you give Gift4u Shop the authority and understand that Gift4u Shop has such authority to and that we may/will use the information as we deem fit for any purpose, without any warranties or obligations to the user of the website.


We are happy to receive your feedback, comments and reviews on our products, our website along with any services that we offer. When supplying us with this information, you may incidentally or deliberately or inadvertently divulge personal details about your use of the website or yourself. In the Privacy Policy, you will find the terms pertaining to the use of such information if any, so we ask you to go through our Privacy Policy as well.

By agreeing to the Terms and by using the website for submitting your reviews, comments, you promise us that you will in no way deliberately or incidentally infringe upon the rights of others or violate them in any way. This clause specifically applies to the violation of any third party's trademark, copyright, privacy or any other legal/civil rights.

You may not and are expressly prohibited by Gift4u Shop from transmitting any form of media or information through our website that contains or implies pornographic, libelous, scandalous, defamatory, profane, inflammatory, inciting, abusive, unlawful in any form or way or obscene content or material.

We reserve and have the right and the authority to remove/delete all such information at our sole discretion and as determined and deemed appropriate by us. You will be held accountable for and are solely responsible for the content and the context of any submissions made by you. We are in no way responsible and as such cannot be held liable nor do we assume responsibility in any sense of the content posted by others, including users, on our website.

Gift4u Shop cannot be held accountable or subjected to legal action of any kind for any slander, errors, obscenity, libel, defamation, falsehood, profanity or pornography contained in user generated or submitted information or for the conduct of the individuals or entities who are using this website.


We have made all attempts to ensure that the information provided about the products is both accurate and up to date. However, we do reserve the right to change or increase the prices at any time, without prior notification to the users of the product or the buyers. We also do not offer any guarantees or warranties pertaining to the accuracy of the information provided on the website in reference to the pricing of the products and their availability.

It is our company's motto and mission to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, and to this end, we provide innovative products at competitive rates, which offer greater value to our customers. Because feedback from our consumers is important to us, we not only collect these reviews but also implement changes including design feature tweaks that help us to improve the quality of our products.

With this as the goal, we also reserve the right and the freedom to make any changes to the design components as well as the features of our products without offering prior notice to the users of the website. We are in no way obligated to offer this information in advance.


You can submit a refund requests up to 15 days after your order has been completed. You can return an item if it is damaged or if it is not as described. Should you wish to return an item you will be required to ship it back no later then 30 days from the purchase date. Return shipping costs are paid by the buyer. Returned or exchanged products must be in the condition you received them and in the original box and/or packaging.


This is a limited 30 day warranty (from date of purchase) that the product is free from defects in materials and manufacturing. The warranty excludes normal wear and tear. The warranty is voided in the event of unauthorized alterations, improper use or care, or from accidents (eg., dropping on a hard surface causing breakage). The warranty is limited to replacement of the product and/or a refund equal to the purchase price. Gift4u Shop is not liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or other types of damages arising out of, or resulting from the use of this product. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Links on the website

Our website contains links that take users to other websites; these have only been inserted on the pages for the sake of user convenience. If you are concerned about any third party websites that are accessed through such links or have any complaints pertaining to these or any questions, we ask you to directly contact the owners/operators of such websites. The use of these links is not mandated by us in any sense and as such is at the user's discretion which indemnifies us against any liabilities that may arise through the use of such web portals.

Gift4u Shop is in no way or sense responsible or can be held accountable for any services or contents or materials on these websites or offered by them. We disclaim any and all accountability and liability that may arise due to direct/incidental losses or direct/incidental damages or direct/incidental harm that may occur by and when using these websites.

Users of our website are not allowed to create any hyperlinks back to our website nor are you permitted to use techniques such as framing or any other such actions to capture images of a part of the website or any webpage on the website or to enclose any portion of the same unless you have obtained written permission from us to do so.


All the information and the media offered through this website and on this website has been provided "as-is" exclusively for informational purposes. Hence, we make no representation or warranties pertaining to the completeness of such information or the accuracy of the data. We also renounce any obligation or warranties including those that may be implied, warranty of merchantability, quality, fitness /appropriateness for any purpose of non-infringement that is linked to the use of the information on the website or from the website.

Under no circumstances and in no event can Gift4u Shop be held responsible or liable to any party for any damages for the direct, incidental, indirect, consequential or special use of this website or damages that result from relying upon the information given on the site, the Contents accessed through or from the site or any other website that it is hyperlinked to.

Similarly, we renounce all legal liability arising from but not limited to any damages occurring due to loss of profits, loss of data or business interruptions, even if Gift4u Shop has been expressly or otherwise notified and advised about such damages or the possibility of such damages, to the complete extent permissible by law. The exclusion of implied representation and warranties is not allowed under certain jurisdictions due to which the exclusions and indemnity stated above may not apply to you.

In addition to this, we cannot be held liable for any damages that you may suffer by accessing any other website through our website. We also make no warranties or representations concerning any website that can or may be accessed through links placed on our website or in any other way through our website. The links that we have provided on our website are exclusively for the convenience of our users and site visitors and we are in no way endorsing the third party websites or the content they offer.

The products have a limited warranty that the products have bee delivered free from material and manufacturing defects.

The warranty we offer does not cover wear and tear that may result in the due course of use of the product. Also, the warranty will stand voided in case of any unauthorized alterations, accidents that lead to damage (such as the product being dropped on a hard surface which may cause it to break) and improper use.

When and where the warranty applies, it is limited to product replacement and/or refund that is equal to or less than the price of purchase. Furthermore, Gift4u Shop assumes no liability or responsibility from the direct, incidental, indirect damages that arise out of or are a result of the use of any of our products.

This warranty that we provide at the time of sale stands in lieu of any and all other warranties, both express and/or implied and it includes but is not limited to any and all warranties of fitness and merchantability for a specific purpose. In case that the product comes with an instruction manual we request you to go through it.


By accepting these terms you agree to indemnify us and defend us along with our employees, officers, directors and agents against any damages, claims, expenses and costs, including legal fees linked to or arising from the use of the website or of the violation of these terms.


These terms are construed under the laws of the State of Israel and without regard to any conflict of international laws. Any dispute that arises from or is related to these terms, our website, the Contents of the website, our services and our products purchased by using this website or through other means will be resolved only by the judicial entities of the State of Israel. By using our website and accepting these terms and conditions you also consent to the venue of the courts and their jurisdiction concerning any dispute that may arise.

This document or terms along with the Privacy Policy constitute an agreement between you (the user) and us, relating to the use of our website and the contents thereon. Any other agreements that we may or may not have entered into stand superseded by these terms and will no longer be considered in effect.


Any failure on your part to comply with these terms and conditions will automatically revoke the authorization that we have granted you to use our website. The violation of these terms will lead to the termination of all rights and privileges granted to you under the premise of these terms.

Even after the termination of your rights and privileges, you will continue to be bound by the restrictions imposed by these terms pertaining to the disclaimer, Contents and liability limitations as stated in this document. Once you have been denied access to our website due to the violation of these terms, you will be obligated to immediately destroy and discontinue the use of all content that has been obtained from us and the website along with the copies of such Content.


These terms will stand in effect from June 26th 2015. As stated earlier, we have the authority and reserve the right to make any changes to these Terms including additions and minor modification at any time and at our sole discretion. In case of such changes, we are only obligated to provide a notice of the same on this page. If you continue to use our website after the posting of a notification of changes to the terms, this will be deemed as your acceptance of the modified terms and as such you will be bound by the changed terms.