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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Christmas Decorations

Christmas 2017 is almost here and we are here to help you get ready for it. We have selected for you the best Christmas Gifts and on this page you will find the best collection of Christmas decorations. We did the work for you and have already selected for you the most beautiful Christmas decorations at the best prices! We have compiled for you a comprehensive guide to help you in your quest for the perefect decorations: Read More

What are Christmas Decorations and What is their origin?

Christmas tree decorations where initially used to celebrate winter and later on became in Germany around the 16th century the tradional Christmas tree with Christmas decorations as we now know it.

In the US only around the 1840s did Christmas decorations start to be wide spread with the emigrants from Germany and England bringing their ornaments which became very popular.

Different countries have different traditions some will start decorating in late November in the US many people will start after Thanksgiving and in other places it starts around early December. So if you want to have your decorations ready for the coming 2017 Christmas make sure to purchase them during the months of September and October this way you will have enough time to receive them and a large variety of decorations to choose from.

Most people tend to leave the decorations until after New Year and take them off around the 5-6th of January. Some even believe that it is bad lack to leave it past the 6th of January so they make sure to take the decorations off on time.

  • They are traditional decorations which are placed inside your home on the Xmas tree and on the fire place, in the kitchen and living room or outside on a window, door, stairs and those who many houses owners will decorate their yard and will put exterior decorations in their garden. You will even find some that will put ornaments on their roof.
  • But decorations are not limited to the person’s house you will find them also at the work place. Company owners decorate their office and their employee’s offices. A building’s lobby, church, classroom and kindergarten are decorated.
  • When it comes to Christmas even the things we love get decorated such as cars, tables, mantels, banisters and even a cake or a dollhouse get decorated during Christmas. With the clip on decorations or those who simply stick on it you can easily place them anyware you want.
  • But there is nothing more special than the baby's first Christmas ornaments
  • Cities and villages all around the world decorate their streets during the Christmas holiday season. Many tourists come especially during the holiday season to visit cities such as NYC (New York), Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, Glasgow, Paris, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Sidney & Perth and enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations and especially the Christmas lights which light up the night in beautiful colors. One of the special places to visit in during the Christmas season is Disney world and Disneyland. People come all over to see the beautiful decorations.
  • There are many types of ornaments which are used to decorations. The traditional decoration colors are Pine Green, Snow White, Red and Blue however often you will find decorations also in Gold, Silver and Yellow colors too.
  • Decorations are made from different materials such as crystal, glass, fabric, paper, wood and even from recycled materials. You will find decorations ranging from homemade (D.I.Y) ones up to unique handmade luxury ornaments.

Decorations Types

There are many types and shapes of decorations, the variety is huge. They way people decorate their homes is mainly defined on how their homes were decorated during their childhood. The other main factor is their neighborhood which also plays a large role in the way people decorate their homes.

But what is common to everyone is that all decorations are colorful and bright bringing the spirit of Christmas into their homes. Below you will find a few typical examples of Christmas decorations

  • Garlands, tinsel & ribbon decorations which you can use for example for decorating your front door or your tree.
  • Glass ball some call them baubles are ornaments which are perfect for decorating your tree
  • Christmas decorations come in different sizes large and small and in different shapes such as: reindeer, elves, angel, Father Christmas, Jesus, Santa Claus, star of Bethlehem, owl, birds, dragon ball, musical instruments, gingerbread theme and even personalized ones.
  • There are many styles to choose from. The traditional stiles such as the Victorian, vintage, cartoon stile for your children, nostalgic 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s and even 50s.
  • Christmas decorations are so popular that there are even online games where you decorate a virtual house.

Making your own decorations (DYI)

There are many types of do it yourself (D.I.Y ) decorations and here are a few suggestions for you to choose from. Some become so good at it that they even sell homemade decorations.

  • There are many decorations that you can make your own from paper, such as to paint coloring pages which is very easy and could be fun to do with your children. Slightly more challenging would be to make beautiful 3d crafts from paper you can find many ideas for them online on Pinterest for example you will find many pictures of different homemade decorations.
  • Using natural materials could be an excellent way to decorate your home such as: using tree branches or pine cones and painting them with different colors, wooden pallets from which you can make handmade decorations in different shapes (most popular ones are tree shaped), rustic Christmas mason jars and many more things. If you like to build things you can also build beautiful storage boxes for your Christmas decorations from wooden pallets.
  • For those of you who like knitting than knitted crochet decorations could be a perfect DIY decorations, if you like you can even upgrade it with beads.
  • There are many recycled materials which could be used to make Christmas decorations such as toilet rolls from which you can make a large variety of decorations. Children will often make at school decorations and using recycled materials could be both a fun and an educational experience.
  • If you are looking for printable images to use for your decorations or as a clip art or drawings to color you can find such items in a wide range of names such as vector, raster, epc, png, jpg and even if you can find the correct file format for your pictures you can almost always find an online site to convert the picture file into a format which you can use.
  • For those of you who have not done so before or would like to expand their collection of homemade decorations and would like to know how to make your own decorations, one of the simplest ways would be to go to YouTube and type your questions like: how to make a Christmas decorations out of paper? Or how to draw a Christmas decorations? And you will find many videos which will guide you through this process.
  • If you don’t want to start from scratch but still want to make your own decorations there are kits which you can purchase from which you can easily make your decorations from.

Saving Money When purchasing decorations and ornaments

Cheap decorations and ornaments are not necessarily low quality ones, there are many ways to save money when purchasing decorations without compromising on quality and beauty. Here are a few ways to help you.

  • Buying sets of decorations will reduce your total cost.
  • Purchasing together with friends and other family members can also reduce your cost. You can purchase in bulk directly from a wholesale which will have it stored in a large warehouse thus reducing their overhead costs, which enables you to purchase at a reduced cost. Since the items are sold in large packs you will need to spend some time sorting out the decorations between your friends.
  • If you wait till the last moment to purchase your decorations you will find clearance sales where you will find items selling at large discounts such as 50 off and even 75 off the recommended price tag.
  • There are even rental places where you can rent decorations. Just make sure you have them back in one piece.

Buying Your Decorations

There are many places where you can purchase your decorations and ornaments, so in order to help you find the shop that is best for you here is a short list of options from which you can choose from.

  • You can purchase your decorations from a store near you or from large retails stores like Kmart, Macy's, B&M, Walmart, Big W, Home Depot and Target all will have also an ability to purchase directly through their site. You can also visit an outlet close to you and try and find their decorations at cheaper prices.
  • If you are looking for an infinite variety of items all in one site you can try Amazon, eBay and even Etsy. They operate in many countries such as US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England (UK), Germany, Spain, France and money other countries in Europe. They will even supply decorations to India, South Africa, Japan, Australia and NZ. On eBay there are many suppliers that will ship worldwide.
  • And then there are many other sites that will sell you online decorations such as Martha Stewart, T k Maxx, Gisela Graham & Myer. So the variety is huge and you have endless options to choose from.
  • When purchasing on-line make sure to verify if the cost of shipping is included, if you have a tracking number and what is the delivery time. During the Christmas season you should expect much longer delivery times so make sure to purchase your decorations on time.
  • So it doesn’t matter where you live Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, Johannesburg, Liverpool, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas or Los Angeles you can buy your perfect Christmas decoration.


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