Cyber Monday 2017 Sale – Checkout Gift4u Special Deals!

What is the History of Cyber Monday Sales Day?

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and is a relatively new event which started on November 2005. It focuses on online purchasing, unlike Black Friday which originally was for physical stores and later on it became also a online shopping event. Though it is a new event it already became one of the major Christmas Sale events. Making it an excellent opportunity for buyers to purchase their Christmas gifts at a large discount.

Sellers give large discounts to customers on this day in an effort to attract them to do their Cyber Monday shopping at their store. In 2015 the sales volume reached $3 Billion in one single day!!

Cyber Monday Ads (TV & Online) Promise Special Deals – Are these Sales Real?

In most cases the Ads for Cyber Monday will enable you to purchase your Christmas gifts at a lower price.  You should be aware that in some cases the price of the items is increased by sellers prior to Black Friday so as to enable them to present a larger discount to the customer, while in effect the real discount is significantly less.

It is therefore suggested that even if you get a large discount from a supplier, don’t rush to close the deal, since it may well be the situation that the same item is sold somewhere else at a lower price.

When purchasing your gifts at Gift4U shop you can be assured that the quality of the gift you purchased, which is especially important when you purchase a gift for someone. As for the prices they are extremely competitive and we don’t have hidden shipping charges, Shipping is Free on all items!

Can I Shop Online for Cyber Monday Specials on: Walmart, Best Buy, Macy's, Jcpenney and others?

Most of the major retail stores will also have an online store, however since it isn’t their main business the variety may not be as you would have in their physical stores and the prices may also be different. So make sure before purchasing and item. Also most of them will charge you shipping costs which may be significant in some cases, so you need to know your total cost prior to finalizing your purchase.

Do Amazon and eBay have Cyber Monday Sales?

Like most online stores Amazon and eBay will advertize on their site various items which participate in their Cyber Monday Sale. In addition to that individual sellers which have stores on these sites will post ads with Cyber Monday discounts or will send it to you through a mailing list.

 On the one hand you have many products and many sellers which could be an advantage, but since no one in Amazon or on eBay actually verifies the quality of the items sold and the truth behind the information give by sellers, you don’t really know what you are getting. Relaying on reviews is also problematic since it is very easy to purchase from various shady companies a large number of “5 Star Reviews”.  In addition to that the customer is not a professional one and if I sell you a television and tell you it has a specific spec you can’t really verify it, so it make look excellent to you even though it is not in accordance with the spec, but then if you encounter a another TV which really has the promised spec you will suddenly be amazed by the difference and you will feel betrayed

Though we at Gift4U are not a large store like Amazon or eBay we proud ourselves that we make sure that what we promise is what you get and we made sure of that by handpicking only the best items to sell. So no more guess work on whether it is really good or not, here at Gift4U you can be assured that your gift will bring a big smile to someone you care about.

Are there also Cyber Monday Deals outside the US such as: UK & Canada?

 Cyber Monday originated in the US but same as the case with Black Friday it has not spread beyond the border of the US into UK, Canada and other countries.

Shopping on Cyber Monday – What are the popular items?

Since Cyber Monday is dominantly an online shopping event the popular items sold on Cyber Monday are mainly electronic items such as: ipones, apple watch, video games, headphone, camera, tablet, game consoles like Xbox One, PS4, laptops, computer, printer.

In addition to that there are great clothing deals also available on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has even spread out to flight deals and you can now find great travel deals which include also great hotel deals for destinations all over the world. Popular destinations are in the southern hemisphere where it is now summer time such as: Argentina, Brazil, Peru, South Africa , Mexico & Australia. Search for luggage deals to complete your Cyber Monday winter or should I say summer vacation

What is the date of Cyber Monday 2017?

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and this is it falls on the 27th of November